"The ability that the teachers have to immediately address behavior, real-time, right in the moment has significantly impacted their ability to maintain the order and structure in their class and even has helped students to take responsibility for their own behavior."

Renee Canales, Principal, Alief ISD
Best Elementary | Houston, TX

Kickboard supports classroom management with:

  • A tool for teachers to reinforce a common system of positive and corrective behaviors with students 
  • Accessible data for identifying patterns and guiding classroom culture improvement
  • Transparency of real-time student information for increased communication between teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders
  • Recognized by EdTech Digest for four consecutive years and 2017 Award Finalist: Classroom Management Solution for Teachers.
  • 2017 CODiE Awards Finalist in the Best Classroom Management Solution category

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Transform Classroom Management with
The Right Systems, The Right Practices, and The Right Data

The Right Systems

With Kickboard, students understand consistent expectations across learning environments. Kickboard Professional Development helps schools implement proven schoolwide systems and practices that help teachers effectively manage classroom behavior. 

Proven systems that support success

  • Positive behavior narration
  • A common set of behaviors, configurable to each school’s unique needs
  • Schoolwide positive recognition and incentives 
  • Behaviors connected to incentives 
  • Automated triggers for immediate response
  • Built-in early warning systems for proactive behavior support
  • Consistent corrective consequences tied to behaviors
  • Transparency between teachers for increased communication across classrooms

Effectively reinforce academic rigor and positive learning habits.

Watch 7th grade students take charge of their own learning in this dynamic Memphis, Tennessee classroom. Influenced by the instructor's management approach, using Kickboard to reinforce positive learning habits, these students exude maturity and academic capability.

The Right Practices 

Kickboard schools analyze real-time behavior data, easily accessible from the software, to drive improvements. Professional Development helps teachers and leaders learn, adopt, and refine proven data-driven best practices to continuously improve classroom management strategies that lead to positive behavior.

Key foundational practices include

  • Culture PLC’s using the Kickboard Culture Data Cycle
  • Teacher reflection on positive discipline practices
  • Teacher analysis of their positive and negative student interactions
  • Action planning based on behavior data
  • Data-driven classroom management coaching for teachers 
  • A culture data meeting protocol to guide classroom practice and planning
Kickboard Culture Data Cycle

Many of us are used to the concept of a data cycle when it comes to improving academic instruction. Now it’s time to apply the same premise to classroom culture strategies. Follow the Kickboard Culture Data Cycle to help teachers make positive changes in classroom culture, no matter where they are on their journey toward excellence.

The Right Data

Kickboard provides broad array of culture data at your fingertips that informs classroom management practices and guides teachers and students to succeed.

• A positivity index to indicate the health of classrooms, groups, and students
• Analysis tools that help teachers easily identify behavior trends and guide decisions
• Real-time text notifications for immediate action
• Easy-to-click buttons for minimal class flow interruption
• Immediate feedback for students
• A parent portal to keep all stakeholders informed

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