Feel like your office is a revolving door of behavior infractions?

Wednesday, February 17th
at 1:00pm CST

We will share crucial practices for how you can leverage your Kickboard implementation for Tier 1 Behavior RTI to ensure that the majority of your students are successful.

This webinar will teach you: 

• How Kickboard serves as your Behavior RTI framework for Tier I 
• Best practices for configuring Kickboard to support behavior at Tier I  
• Success stories from leaders in the Kickboard community
• How to minimize the number of students needing intensive behavior interventions

Our Host: About The Expert

Jolynn Greene is a Leadership Coach here at Kickboard and enjoys helping school leaders adopt the best data-driven mindsets, habits, and practices in order to improve outcomes at their schools. Her 25 years of experience in education offer her unique insight into school improvement and change management.