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In 2016, almost all educators agree that behavioral, social, and emotional issues can impede student academic achievement. But what would educators at all levels of a school district - across America - say they're doing about it?

We partnered with YouGov - a globally respected independent research firm - to survey over 2,500 district administrators, school leaders, IT admins, and teachers. We asked them to tell us whether they thought their school culture initiatives were in a good place. Their input is enlightening, critical, and ready for action.

In this important research brief, over 2,500 educators weigh in on: 

  • The state of school culture initiatives - what's working, what's not, and what needs to happen.
  • How school culture falls within the scope of other key school district priorities.
  • Where teachers, principals, and district admins agree - and disagree - about the intimate details of school culture.
  • How data should be utilized when tracking, measuring, and reporting school culture.
  • The barriers and challenges of maintaining a positive school culture initiative district-wide.

America's schools are changing fast - it's up to all educators to work together.


The first step in creating the future is to understand exactly where we stand in the present. Don't miss the first nationwide survey of educators at all levels that strives to give everyone a voice in the state of school climate & culture in 2016.